I’m Back!

It has been far too long since I have posted something new here, I have however still been writing poetry, just only sharing it with a few people. Now I feel ready to start posting again, I have missed this blog! Over the past couple of months I have had times when I have felt like I’d never be able to write anything decent ever again, but I’ve still carried on. Of course sometimes I’ve written absolute rubbish, but occasionally something at least coherent has come together- and that’s where this blog comes in..! Anyway that’s enough rambling, I hope you enjoy this one, don’t forget to let me know what you think…

It is so easy not to care,
to just turn and look away.
To be blinded by distractions
placed so clearly in our way.

To be told just what to think,
what to eat and wear and feel.
But I won’t be another link,
in the chain with no free will.

Each day I see it all around me
and wonder how it came to be
People stumble in the darkness
and they think that they are free.

I don’t believe I am at fault, 
to simply stand here and say
A culture built on greed and cruelty
is surely heading the wrong way.

Hollie x


Lost at Sea

Okay, so I’ve finally written another poem that I’m (kinda) happy to share with you all. At least I’ve been encouraged to…. I’m apprehensive about this one though, its far from perfect! Anyway here it is:

So it creeps from dull grey to inky black,
as you’re left unknowing if the light will fade back.
You wonder if this pain is all you will ever know
because no one taught you how to cope.

You can no longer know the things you love,
or feel the warmth of sunlight from above.
Your whole world smudged into misty grey,
no moonlit nights or summer days.

You say you cannot cry one more salty tear,
the ocean is full and she’ll never be here.
So you are bound to sit and wait
until these crashing waves dissipate.

And my friend I don’t have perfect answers
alas, I have no magic spell,
but I promise to set sail with you,
and  weather the raging storm as well.

I hope thats not too depressing, and maybe some of you know these feelings. I hope to get more poetry up here soon so watch this space!


Doing What You Love

So just recently I have had a bit of a hard time, I have felt confusion, guilt, anger, sadness, and all because I felt I had to be doing something which just wasn’t right for me, or my peace of mind. How important is it to you to be able to do what you love? Whether that is in your spare time or as your day job (you lucky sod if its the latter)! And how would you feel if that was taken away?

I know I run the risk of sounding very privileged here, as there are many people in parts of the world who do not get to pursue the things that they love at all, and they spend every waking hour working in appalling conditions for very little pay. I’m a great supporter of the people working hard to change this, in fact i would highly suggest everyone reading this watches the documentary “The True Cost” – its on Netflix.

I have made a decision to volunteer for The Cornwall Wildlife Trust because I’m passionate about wildlife and what they do. So I have stopped working full time in a good job in order to do this. Also its worth mentioning that I suffer with an anxiety disorder and my anxiety couldn’t cope with being in an office 9-5, which was having a bad effect on my mental and physical health. “Normal” people would have the energy to pursue their hobbies on the weekend or after work, but anxiety offers no such luck. It really destroys you. I know lots of people would think I’m crazy for what I’ m doing….well maybe I’ am a little bit. My biggest feeling though is guilt, guilt because for a while I won’t be bringing in any money and when I’ am it will only be part time wages. Guilt because I’ve let down my old workplace, guilt because I’ve let down my family. Is it not important though, if we can, which I feel extremely privileged to be able to, to do what we love and support causes that we feel passionate about in whatever way we can. Also to be able to look after our physical and mental health so we can actually be useful to those around us? I have no idea where this move will take me but I already feel like I’ am more on “the right path” than ever before. I want to do what I feel truly passionate about, so sod it, thats what I’m going to bloody well do!!

I’m sorry there haven’t been any new posts for a while, and I’m sorry this is just a life update, but its something that I wanted to share with you guys. New poetry will be posted soon- I promise!

Take care guys, and have a lovely day!


New Stereo Photos: Polperro, Kynance Cove and Frenchmans Creek

I’ ve been busy recently as you can see from the title of this post! Its also my 23rd birthday today so…hurrah for that! 😉

One of my favourite spots in Cornwall is Kynance Cove and for the first time ever, I took the winding and steep path down to the beach instead of just admiring the view from a nearby cliff. Thankfully, the tide was out! The beach was absolutely gorgeous despite it being an overcast day.





And heres the view…..


Truly a beautiful place to explore, and a must see for anybody visiting cornwall.

Next Polperro and a lovely little boat that had flowers and herbs planted in it, plus an unexpected sight in a shop window!

I'm not sure if this one really worked that well...but its pretty!


Lastly a beautiful tree overhanging Frenchmans Creek, it was so peaceful here…


I hope you enjoyed these… and don’t forget if you haven’t got an OWL (stereoscope) yet pop over to the LSC shop!!


I Wish…

I’m not sure about this poem really, I feel like maybe it sounds too childish? Any readers out there let me know what you think of it!

I wish I could stand as still as a tree,
no yearning, no love, just the cool gentle breeze.
Stability now is all that I need.
I feel I’m returning to sapling and back down to seed.

I wish I could glide like a bird through the air,
no misery, hate or lawlessness there,
just freedom and flight
with the warmth of a nest in the dark of the night.

I wish I could burrow far beneath the earth,
a bolthole to safety, sensing when to emerge.
Leaping through meadows of lilac and gold,
a land where nothing can be bought and nothing can be sold.

These rose coloured glasses worn through this rhyme,
fade and discolour with the passing of time.
We see the truth all around us as clear as the day,
for the foolishness of man, the earth has to pay.

Thanks for reading!


Woodland Stereo Photos

I took a little trip to a very pretty woodland here in Cornwall last weekend and took a few stereo pics. I think my favourite is of the carving in the tree, it could’ve been better but I had to crouch down a lot to take that one so it was a little awkward…plus I’m still an amateur!! Let me know which is your favourite!





Hope you enjoyed!


A Fox’s Lament

I have always written poetry, from a very young age and I enjoyed studying it too. I never really plan my poems or edit them too much- it just all pours out really. So its either a bit of a mess or sometimes they turn out half decent…or at least somewhat coherent! Anyway, this one is about fox hunting…from the perspective of a fox.

We are not the villains here,
living peacefully by your side.
Why do you chase us from our homes
when we have nowhere to hide,
and allow us to be torn apart
until a scattered mess of blood and bones
remains before your eyes?

Do we hunt? Yes, we kill to eat
to survive another day.
Yours is just a sick idea of fun,
a twisted game to play.

Your selfishness it knows no bounds,
closing your ears even to the good of your own kind.
You could still ride humanely with hounds at your side
but of course you are not satisfied.
A kill is what you’re after
and there’s no way to change your mind.

You insist that we are vermin,
a pest to be controlled,
and this the cover story
from ones so very highly evolved…?!
Just a weak, sad ploy
to hide the sickness in your souls.

We’ve been here long before you came,
and we’ll be here when you’ve gone.
Alas our lives will never be the same,
our fear will linger on….

Well, any readers out there, let me know what you think!